Release - UCU Congress 2018: Email to Unite Branch Members

Submitted by AcFreedom on Sun, 06/03/2018 - 07:14

Last week saw what can only be described as a rather chaotic UCU Congress (University and College Union). We are no experts on UK Unions, however one union blocking another union's members voting (or even discussing) a tabled motion seems undemocratic. The motions were in part to discuss a no confidence vote in the UCU General Sec, who happens to be a member of Unite. Since this is academic's trying to debate whether or not their union is serving their best interests, it's in our arena. We shall leave more in depth discussion to wider public, but contribute a leaked email from a Unite Co Branch Secretary to Unite Members (copied blow, PDF attached).

Dear Unite members,

Members may be aware that UCU Congress was closed early  today following a walk out by Unite members who were working at Congress. Those members withdrew their cooperation with Congress 2018 today because Congress refused to withdraw motions that they believed breached union policies on staff terms and conditions.

Unite Committee members at Congress have been working hard to manage a fast evolving situation and the Unite Committee will be meeting as soon as we can to discuss what has happened. We have also had a request to convene an emergency general meeting which we will be considering.

To be clear, no statement has been issued in the name of the Unite committee at this time. Once we have met as a full committee we will set out our position to the branch as soon as possible.

We will seek to get more details out to you next week.



Unite Co Branch Secretary