Academic Freedom Watch is a website build in response to the increasing pressure on academic freedom, casualisation of academic work, and the systematic marketisation of higher education in general. We are also opposed to the increasing constraints put on academic research and teaching, imposed by metrics, overbearing bureaucracy, and violent or oppressive regimes.

If you have information that you think should be released to the public see the submission page, and find out how you can support the site.

Although we are supporters of the UCU Strikes in the UK (over the proposed loss of defined benefits pensions for academic staff), we not part of any other  campaigns devoted to this issue. We have, and hope to again in the future, supported this cause through releases.

Some hashtags for search engines to find: #IntellectualFreedom #AcademicFreedom #Academia #AcademicAutonomy #WeAreTheUniversity #UCUstrike #USSstrike  #NoCapitulation #FreedomOfExpression #FreedomOfThePress #FreedomOfSpeech